buildbot: push commands return code error

JerryXiao 2019-09-07 12:33:32 +08:00
parent 91a7c2edfb
commit e3fa77ca6a
Signed by: Jerry
GPG Key ID: 9D9CE43650FF2BAA
1 changed files with 6 additions and 4 deletions

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@ -291,8 +291,9 @@ class jobsManager:
except Exception:
time_to_sleep = (tries + 1) * 60
logger.error(f'We are getting problem uploading {}, wait {time_to_sleep} secs')
if not rrun('push_add_time', args=(, time_to_sleep + timeout)):
logger.error('Unable to run push_add_time')
patret = rrun('push_add_time', args=(, time_to_sleep + timeout))
if not patret is None:
logger.error(f'Unable to run push_add_time, reason: {patret}')
if tries + 1 < max_tries:
@ -300,8 +301,9 @@ class jobsManager:
logger.error(f'Upload {} failed, running push_fail and abort.')
if not rrun('push_fail', args=(,)):
logger.error('Unable to run push_fail')
pfret = rrun('push_fail', args=(,))
if not pfret is None:
logger.error(f'Unable to run push_fail, reason: {pfret}')
raise RuntimeError('Unable to upload some files')'Requesting repo update for {pkg_update_list_human}')
res = "unexpected"