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make node_modules a order-only prerequisite (#9923)

* make node_modules a order-only prerequisite

Package installations and our fomantic step results in changes inside
node_modules which lead to make triggering that target unnecessarily.

Moved all node_modules prerequisites to order-only which will make skip
the timestamp check on in and eliminate useless npm calls.

Changes in package-lock.json will still result in reinstallation so
node_modules should stay consistent.

* revert change to clean-all
silverwind zeripath 4 weeks ago
1 changed files with 4 additions and 4 deletions
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@@ -470,7 +470,7 @@ node_modules: package-lock.json
npm install --no-save

.PHONY: npm-update
npm-update: node-check node_modules
npm-update: node-check | node_modules
npx updates -cu
rm -rf node_modules package-lock.json
npm install --package-lock
@@ -478,21 +478,21 @@ npm-update: node-check node_modules
.PHONY: js
js: node-check $(JS_DEST)

$(JS_DEST): node_modules $(JS_SOURCES)
$(JS_DEST): $(JS_SOURCES) | node_modules
npx eslint web_src/js webpack.config.js
npx webpack --hide-modules --display-entrypoints=false

.PHONY: fomantic
fomantic: node-check $(FOMANTIC_DEST_DIR)

$(FOMANTIC_DEST_DIR): node_modules semantic.json web_src/fomantic/theme.config.less
$(FOMANTIC_DEST_DIR): semantic.json web_src/fomantic/theme.config.less | node_modules
cp web_src/fomantic/theme.config.less node_modules/fomantic-ui/src/theme.config
npx gulp -f node_modules/fomantic-ui/gulpfile.js build

.PHONY: css
css: node-check $(CSS_DEST)

$(CSS_DEST): node_modules $(CSS_SOURCES)
$(CSS_DEST): $(CSS_SOURCES) | node_modules
npx stylelint web_src/less
npx lessc web_src/less/index.less public/css/index.css
$(foreach file, $(filter-out web_src/less/themes/_base.less, $(wildcard web_src/less/themes/*)),npx lessc web_src/less/themes/$(notdir $(file)) > public/css/theme-$(notdir $(call strip-suffix,$(file))).css;)