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License: AGPL v3

Telegram Bot that allows you to play the popular card game UNO via inline queries. The bot currently runs as @unobot.

To run the bot yourself, you will need:


  • Get a bot token from @BotFather and change configurations in config.json.
  • Convert all language files from .po files to .mo by executing the bash script located in the locales folder. Another option is: find . -maxdepth 2 -type d -name 'LC_MESSAGES' -exec bash -c 'msgfmt {}/unobot.po -o {}/' \;.
  • Use /setinline and /setinlinefeedback with BotFather for your bot.
  • Use /setcommands and submit the list of commands in commandlist.txt
  • Install requirements (using a virtualenv is recommended): pip install -r requirements.txt

You can change some gameplay parameters like turn times, minimum amount of players and default gamemode in config.json. Current gamemodes available: classic, fast and wild. Check the details with the /modes command.

Then run the bot with python3

Code documentation is minimal but there.