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  Max Lv cab663a6a2
Merge pull request #2733 from DDoSolitary/patch-cygwin-tcp.h-detect 1 day ago
  DDoSolitary 54fa88476c
Fix detection of netinet/tcp.h on Cygwin. 1 day ago
  Max Lv 1b90919f06
Merge pull request #2730 from billzhong/patch-1 1 week ago
  Bill Zhong 982f1e1d1e
fix broken anchor 1 week ago
  Max Lv a360b2cc43
Merge pull request #2728 from ipcjs/master 2 weeks ago
  ipcjs-rog-ubuntu cd6ac18772 add snap service 2 weeks ago
  Max Lv 25be24c01f Align the report format for UDP packet 3 weeks ago
  Max Lv e8ca659cea report suspicious UDP packet for fail2ban 3 weeks ago
  Max Lv 163cd3db60
Merge pull request #2720 from morlay/master 4 weeks ago
  Morlay b3762a461a fix workflow build to make docker release with tags or edge for master 4 weeks ago
  Max Lv 99645ffafc
Merge pull request #2719 from morlay/master 4 weeks ago
  Morlay 1bde4621b9 added workflow for buildx 4 weeks ago
  Max Lv 3ff9d33898
Merge pull request #2698 from DDoSolitary/patch-cmake-mingw 2 months ago
  DDoSolitary 93336adf66
Fix static linking issues on Windows. 2 months ago
  DDoSolitary f1f3e9d6ca
Fix support for building with CMake and MinGW. 2 months ago
  Max Lv 597ceec262
Merge pull request #2697 from hxzh/master 2 months ago
  root 02f25e588c add ss-manager read manager_address from config.json 2 months ago
  Max Lv bc77b6189c
Merge pull request #2694 from wangxinhe2006/master 2 months ago
  Max Lv 236c98d6d9
Merge pull request #2685 from JamisHoo/master 2 months ago
  汪心禾 2ae8006ee3
*Shadowsocks-libev* accepts 19 different ciphers 2 months ago
  汪心禾 2cc92827e5
`xchacha20-ietf-poly1305` doc 2 months ago
  汪心禾 1e7bb4512c
`xchacha20-ietf-poly1305` completion 2 months ago
  Max Lv aa9fe8cceb Fix #2692 2 months ago
  Max Lv 401d323480
Merge pull request #2691 from rogers0/PR/fix_debian_rules 2 months ago
  Roger Shimizu 5f947a8466 debian/rules: Fix #2675 2 months ago
  Max Lv 9ea9aa0368
Merge pull request #2690 from Loyalsoldier/update-telegram-CIDR 2 months ago
  loyalsoldier 4d33f01042 Update telegram CIDR 2 months ago
  Max Lv 1d78159613
Merge pull request #2688 from Loyalsoldier/update-acl 2 months ago
  loyalsoldier 1e5d55777d Update gfwlist on 2020.04.18 2 months ago
  loyalsoldier d258132414 Update local IPs 2 months ago
  loyalsoldier 1cce832bef Update China Mainland IPv4 2 months ago
  Max Lv 33a1932023 Fix #2687 2 months ago
  Max Lv 870f9d914d
Merge pull request #2686 from shadowsocks/rm-fedora-copr-librehat 3 months ago
  Symeon Huang 4baff35e25
Remove the unmaintained Fedora COPR section 3 months ago
  Jamis Hoo bbb2849b60
Also apply LIB_ONLY for shared library, fix #2443 3 months ago
  Max Lv cc658e49cb
Merge pull request #2674 from cyber386/work 3 months ago
  cyber368 bab75a877a Update public libraries 3 months ago
  Max Lv 34f1bbed5b
Merge pull request #2673 from JamisHoo/master 3 months ago
  Max Lv 2cdcb41fa8
Merge pull request #2672 from rogers0/PR/sync_debian 3 months ago
  Jamis Hoo 138186b3db
Add include_directories property for shared_libraries 3 months ago
  Jamis Hoo 0aa55a29e5
Replace CMAKE_XXX_DIR with PROJECT_XXX_DIR, so that this project can be used in an enclosing project 3 months ago
  Roger Shimizu 0d96da4471 Sync debian/ folder with debian version 3.3.4+ds-3 3 months ago
  Max Lv b9ce095ee7
Merge pull request #2666 from imMMX/add-dockerfile-timezone 3 months ago
  mmx 57e0c9f924 Update Dockerfile set default timezone to UTC. 3 months ago
  mmx b6ddbbe0b0 Add Dockerfile timezone, Update readme. 3 months ago
  Max Lv f34b362af0
Merge pull request #2659 from ideal/master 4 months ago
  ideal af722a4b92 Fix a tiny memory leak 4 months ago
  Max Lv cafdd77b3d
Update README.md 4 months ago
  Max Lv 6f7a6fd7e3
Merge pull request #2628 from Mygod/kill-sniparser 4 months ago
  Max Lv 64d3235c67 Fix #2620 5 months ago