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Meteor Client

A Minecraft Fabric Utility Mod for the latest Minecraft release.


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  • Clone this repository
  • Run ./gradlew build


Follow guide on the wiki.



Bugs and Suggestions

Bug reports and suggestions should be made in this repo's issue tracker using the templates provided. Please provide as much information as you can to best help us understand your issue and give a better chance of it being resolved.


All of our work is completely free and non-profit, therefore we are very grateful for all donations made to help support us running our community. All of the money made through donations is used to pay for our servers, none of it is taken for profit.

Donations can be made to our paypal, the minimum amount to get donator benefits is 5€. You will be rewarded with a role on our discord, an in-game cape and extra kit + a colored name on our pvp server ( Make sure to include your discord tag and Minecraft ign so we can give you your rewards.


Cabaletta for Baritone
Minn for Discord Rpc
The Fabric Team for Fabric and Yarn


This project is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0.

If you use ANY code from the source:

  • You must disclose the source code of your modified work, and the source code you took from this project. This means you are not allowed to use code from this project (even partially) in a closed-source and/or obfuscated application.
  • You must state clearly and obviously to all end users that you are using code from this project.
  • Your application must also be licensed under the same license.

If you have any other questions, check our FAQ.