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JerryXiao 9b46c48110
update: bird-babel-rtt-debug-git
2 months ago
.buildbot/aur.hook.d change: aur update hooks 3 years ago
bird downgrade: bird 3 years ago
bird-babel-rtt-debug-git update: bird-babel-rtt-debug-git 2 months ago
cava-git add package: cava-git 3 years ago
fakeroot-tcp autoupdate: fakeroot-tcp to 1.25.3-2 from aur 2 years ago
firmware-phicomm-n1 firmware-phicomm-n1: update to 7.6, changes: do not hardcode mmc device name 2 years ago
helvum autoupdate: helvum to 0.3.1-2 from aur 1 year ago
jerryxiao-keyring update: jerryxiao-keyring to 20210327-2 2 years ago
openttd update: openttd to 12.2 4 months ago
overture autoupdate: overture to 1.6-1 from aur 3 years ago
paper-icon-theme-git change priority in autobuild.yaml 3 years ago
scrcpy autoupdate: scrcpy to 1.19-1 from aur 1 year ago
teeworlds change: remove teeworlds src berfore update 3 years ago
ttf-dejavu-emojiless add package: ttf-dejavu-emojiless 3 years ago
yay autoupdate: yay to 11.1.1-1 from aur 1 year ago