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Teamspeak3 <-> Discord Voice Bridge

Requires your own discord bot token.

This software is in an MVP status, use at your own risk, like always.


get rust compiler with cargo

Then run cargo build --release .exe/elf is inside target/release/ You can also run cargo run --release instead to directly build & execute the resulting binary.

Build optimization

The default release build is heavily optimized, using native target-cpu instructions and LTO. You can disable LTO in the Cargo.toml under [profile.release], which can reduce the build time by a lot. And you can disable the target-cpu flags in .cargo/config.toml.


Setup your credentials inside .credentials.toml by copying credentials.example.toml

Then join a voice channel in discord, type ~join in a text channel the bot can access. The teamspeak side should already be connected based on your config.


To enable backtrace you can set the RUST_BACKTRACE environment variable like so: On linux run with RUST_BACKTRACE=1 (so RUST_BACKTRACE=1 cargo run --release) On windows execute $Env:RUST_BACKTRACE='1' in your powershell (I recommend windows terminal). Then run the binary from there, see above.

Logging can be controlled via RUST_LOG=<value> environment variable with <value> being one of error, warn, info, debug, trace. See above for setting it.


voice_bridge is primarily distributed under the terms of the AGPL license (Version 3.0). Libraries specified by the cargo.toml and code annotated otherwise is copyright by their respective authors.

See LICENSE-AGPL details.