A useless VPN Network ready for peering
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A useless VPN network ready for peering!
This network is connected with DN42
Git Repo. here
Pull requests are welcomed!
Working language: zh_* / en_*




caasih.neocloud.tw		(,	ASN 4201270000)
router.neocloud.tw		(,	ASN 4201270000)
r2.neocloud.tw			(,	ASN 4201270000)
bgp.septs.me			(IX,		ASN 4201270001)
jpn.neo.jerryxiao.cc		(,	ASN 4201270006)
s.aureus.ga			(,	ASN 4201270007)
megumi.yukipedia.cf		(,	ASN 4242421037)

Routing Protocols

Any protocol supported by Bird, Quagga or FRRouting, BGP recommended.

IP Addresses

All IPv4 addresses are under the range
All IPv6 addresses are under the range fd10:127::/32
see route and route6 for allocated subnet.


DNS Anycast is currently on for IPv4 and fd10:127:53:53:: for IPv6. All domain names are under ".neo".

Certificate Authority

Root certificate can be downloaded from here. An acmev2-api is available at https://acme.neo/acme/acme/directory.

Connection Graph

NeoNetwork Nodes

Files and Directories

nodes.dot	Connection graph
asn/		BGP AS Number allocation
entity/		Entitys
route/		Network subnet allocation
node/		Nodes
peer/		Peering status
vpn/		VPN configuration examples (Tinc & WireGuard)
dns/		Bind9 DNS zone files and example configuration