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  JerryXiao ac0e97eb38
deal with RetryAfterError 3 months ago
  JerryXiao 55ef79d4a9
new feature: list_games 7 months ago
  JerryXiao 31e8c5278c
add persistence for games and /reveal 8 months ago
  JerryXiao 207bc43487
allow lvlup multiple levels 8 months ago
  JerryXiao aa77da14df
update for python 3.8 8 months ago
  JerryXiao 71a2d4fdf3
introduce SafeIntegerField to avoid overflow 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 6ed39d984f
change cell text 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 7550e4fc4b
free memory and fix BadRequest 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 218a0b6191
let got_cards be 1 sometimes 9 months ago
  JerryXiao bb66ce364f
fix 2 bugs: gen_statistics called multiple times, dist_cards accepts values too large 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 5f0a45583f
cards: cards should be got_cards 9 months ago
  JerryXiao c6e8c18128
cards: forgot to call save 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 9719d52230
let first move to be an open 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 53d3fb4bb5
from_user should be reply_to_user 9 months ago
  JerryXiao ae5c7b6eb5
support context based callback, fix bugs, add cards system 9 months ago
  JerryXiao 864c72f6ce
prevent dead lock 1 year ago
  JerryXiao c2b1b81b2b
fix bugs 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 036550eb42
release the lock at the right time 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 9d3aa65154
add per game lock 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 2dcd0fb829
fix bug 1 year ago
  JerryXiao c2bea64ca6
change reward mechanism 1 year ago
  JerryXiao f580777aec
Add peewee orm to readme 1 year ago
  JerryXiao ce49cf9528
bug fix: consider STEPPED_MINE as a flagged mine 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 2798a3dc22
add more fun 1 year ago
  JerryXiao a684ed6505
tgmsbot: workers to 8 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 109c631914
KBD_DELAY_SECS to 0.5 1 year ago
  JerryXiao aa81fba87d
forgot numpy 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 6a2b33b1b1
it seems that 0.9 is reasonable 1 year ago
  JerryXiao d17e3086fa
limit the rate of inline keyboard update 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 58c6e61a30
stop the game right after the player wins or loses 1 year ago
  JerryXiao fe2ea3fe2b
Add readme and minor change 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 08db857484
telegram does not like keyboard keys to exceed 100 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 6c8ed2ebc8
added full statistics 1 year ago
  JerryXiao e15252bca4
add game report 1 year ago
  JerryXiao 986300d9fe
several bug fix 1 year ago
  JerryXiao b5c7a79ada
first commit 1 year ago